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by anonymous
After we replaced the SIM card from KPN for one from T-Mobile a few weeks ago. Are we having problems with this router. We have the same problem with a different location, just a different Router (RUTXR1) with a T-Mobile Sim now.

Location is a Store, on the Teltonika is a cisco meraki connected with the store equipment. On the cisco we see packet loss. If we disconnect the cisco from Teltonika, the location will no longer have any problems, the Cisco will then switch to its 4G backup. Please help.

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by anonymous


Could you clarify if by packet loss, do you mean any traffic including LAN and internet data or do you only refer to the loss of internet access during certain periods?

The logs show a single instance of mobile connection loss at around midnight, not related to config changes, but ARP table flags entry of Cisco Meraki as incomplete. 

Did you have similar experiences with previous provider, or earlier firmware version or is the issue specific to this particular provider, independent to the firmware version used?

Best regards,

by anonymous

The log is after we disconnected the Cisco meraki.

The packet loss, sees the supplier of the Cisco meraki, the end user cannot perform any actions.

This is a retail store, they can't scan returns and cash registers go offline.

After we disconnect the Cisco meraki, they can immediately start working again.

The cisco meraki then switches to its own 4G backup modem.

by anonymous


Could you try to perform modem firmware update and see, if disconnects still persist?

The procedure, however, requires a stable alternative internet source for RUT360. Either wired or wireless.

You can find instructions here.  

A thing to note is that your <ID> should be 1-1.

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