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by anonymous

I'm connecting TRB140 with Simens PLC and I wanna run the webserver of the plc with the TRB140 without a browser.

I'm trying to use POST GET HTTP action with the address of the html page as mentioned in the image but it's not working.
The webserver is configured to send me informations .
I can remotely connect to the PLC and everything works fine just I want my TRB to run the webserver.

1 Answer

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by anonymous



I've tested your setup and everything seems to be working as expected. The router sends the GET or POST request to the specified server.

In one of your attached screenshots, I can see, that the "Add conditions" field is left blank. This should not be blank as the rule will not trigger without it. 

If you want to trigger this rule when the Input pin is set to HIGH, then a condition is needed. Conditions can be configured in the I/O Juggler menu, Conditions tab:

  • Create a name for the rule;
  • Set I/O to Input;
  • Set State to High;
Save the rule and navigate to the General tab. There, in the created rules, in the "Add conditions" field specify the rule you just created, and the action should be PLC on your setup.

Also, do not forget to add the created condition to the PLC rule, created in the Actions tab.

As an example, I'm attaching screenshots of how my setup looks like:

Created condition:

Created action:

Rule, created in the general tab:

Of course, make sure the I/O Juggler is enabled in the General tab.


Let me know if you're still experiencing issues.

Best regards,

by anonymous

Additionally, if you're still experiencing issues, the connection to the server can be troubleshot using the command logread -f in CLI or SSH windows and then simulating a high signal to the input pin.

Best regards,