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by anonymous
Hello All,

I want to configure interfaces to use custom DNS with non standard ports.

Let's say DNS should be

When I enter in Web UI just the system accepts this entry,

but when I want to enter a DNS server with port Web UI does not accept this entry.

Can you please advise how to solve this issue.

Thank you

2 Answers

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by anonymous


Once the DNS server is defined in Network -> Interfaces -> [interface general settings], I would suggest to add a firewall rule, redirecting DNS traffic from standard port 53 to 553. The idea is to replace destination port in the packet's header destined to DNS port 53 with a value of 553. For this you would need to login to the router via SSH and define the rule in the /etc.config/firewall configuration file. The rule should be similar to the one below:

config redirect '<n>'
        option proto 'tcp udp'
        option name 'DNS_FWD'
        option target 'DNAT'
        option enabled '1'
        option src_dport '53'
        option src 'lan'
        option dest_port '553'

You may need to replace <n> with an integer value, depending on the order of the rules in the file.

You can also configure the rule or add specific details in the WebUI, Network -> Firewall -> Port forwards page.

Best regards,

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by anonymous

Have you tried using instead of ? This is the default syntax for dnsmasq.conf and it should be accepted by the UI.