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by anonymous
Hi, we've been using teamviewer to service some of our devices but we'd like to switch to using hte teltonika RMS to do so. We've managed to get a working VNC connection to our device however the VNC client we connect to through RMS does not seem to support file transfer which is crucial for our operation, what is the easiest way to enable file transfer through RMS?

Is it possible to file transfer through the VNC client and I just don't know it?

Is it possible to somehow use RMS to make a VNC connection through my own local VNC client rather than only the browser? (like generating a url that connects me directly to my device)

Should I setup an SFTP server on the devices and connect to them via SFTP on the RMS?

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, it is only possible to use VNC for remote control and a separate VNC file cannot be downloaded. For file transfer, a feature on Windows can be enabled called OpenSSH, and using this service, RMS could be used to access the device file system via SFTP (as you already mentioned).


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