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by anonymous
I have several RUT955s. I use the analogue input to monitor a voltage via a potential divider as the voltage is too high for the ADC.  Under the old 6.09.2 firmware there was a mechanism to customise the analogue input using a formula so that the GUI displayed the true voltage.  This was very convenient for my users.  It was also possible to apply custom labels to inputs and outputs and again I made use of this feature to make things clearer for my users.

I have now upgraded to the newer 7.03.3 software and these useful features appear to have been removed.  This is most inconvenient.

Why were they removed and is there any intention to restore them in a future version?

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by anonymous

Thank you for bringing this up. I will consult the developers, whether the removal was intentional and if there are plans to return this functionality.

Will post an update once I get their reply.

Best regards,
by anonymous

Apparently, the feature is implemented in the backend, however, WebUI representation at the moment is  planned to be included with 7.5 firmware release.

I would like you to test the following:

Login to router using SSH and execute command:

  • vi /etc/config/ioman

Press letter i to enable editing and add the following options under config adc 'adc0' configuration with your desired values:

  • option custom_name '<some_name>'
  • option custom_unit '<some_unit>'
  • option custom_add '<some_value>'
  • option custom_mul '<some_value>'
  • option custom_div '<some_value>'
  • option custom_off '<some_value>'

Replace everything within <*> with your values.

Options explained: 

  • custom_add -> Voltage offset
  • custom_mul -> Sensor slope
  • custom_div -> Resistor value
  • custom_off -> Sensor offset

For example:

Once done press Esc, then enter :wq and press Enter.

Once done execute the following command:

  • reload_config

Afterwards, use command below to check measured and custom calculated values:

  • ubus call ioman.adc.adc0 status

Best regards,