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by anonymous
Hello Teltonika My device before was working well but after a month its mobile status disappear therefore there is no mobile network even the led signal doesnot lit. I downloaded troubleshoot file on part of gsmlogs the mobile modem seen as blocked ,i upgraded the firmware from to but still the same problem mobile status diasppear and its gsm logs show modem is blocked

note:I have attached troubleshoot file.

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by anonymous


The logs in the attached file do not indicate mobile related issues, the device successfully connects to the operator and establishes data connection. Mobile data connected (internal modem) Joined LTE network (internal modem) Connected to Vodacom operator (internal modem)

However, the file shows only the first three minutes after reboot, so it might be that the issue occurs sometime later.

Would it be possible to generate another file, while the issue is present, as at the moment, everything seems to work as expected?

Best regards,