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by anonymous
I am using TRB140 for an ioT application. I tested the daily datavolume and learned that the datavolume is to high, also without iot traffic. How is it possible to minimize data volume?

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by anonymous


A couple of suggestions from the device perspective to reduce data footprint:

  • Disable RMS in Services -> Cloud solutions -> RMS.
  • If not required, disable NTP client in Services -> NTP -> NTP
  • Disable FOTA in System -> Firmware -> FOTA configuration.

Otherwise, I suggest to install Darkstat package as instructed here, to get more detailed traffic monitoring, in order to discover the sources of data consumption.

Best regards,

by anonymous
  • Disable FOTA in System -> Firmware -> FOTA configuration.
is not possible FOTA configuration not shown in the menu.
by anonymous

Could you login to the device's WebUI and check, if it is not set to Basic mode? 

This is shown on the top right corner of the browser. To switch to Advanced mode, simply press on Basic.

Best regards,

by anonymous
I have still too much data consumption. When I connect the router with usb to a PC does this influence the data consumption? Is it possible that the webserver of the TRB is not opend via the usb but via an external DNS which causes a lot of data traffic.
by anonymous

Could it be that your PC uses TRB140 as interface to access the internet, thus increasing undesired consumption?

Could you try to modify the metrics of network interfaces on your PC, by giving a lower priority to the TRB USB interface and higher to your preferred interface, as in the example below:


Also, have you tried Darkstat to follow the sources of traffic?

As an alternative, you can download TCPdump from Services -> Package manager page in router's WebUI and enable it to monitor traffic on mobile interface for a while in System -> Administration -> troubleshoot page.

Best regards,