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I have a RUT955 and try to connect to a public hotspot that uses a captive portal where I have to accept the T&Cs. I can connect the router to the wifi, but I cannot access the captive portal to accept the T&Cs. I assume it might be an issue with DNS resolves. Any idea how to resolve this?



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by anonymous

As I understand you are using WiFi as WAN with another Wifi device which use Hotspot (captive portal)? If so, then this doesn't work with our router. Router do not have such feature.
What I've tried is to do is use a hotel wifi as WAN by connecting the router to that wifi. It works perfectly fine if the hotel wifi is protected with user name and password, but fails if the hotel wifi uses a captive portal (splash screen during first connect) where I have do accept hotel T&Cs. If I do this with out routers, typically I get the captive screen with the browser of the first device I connect. After accepting T&Cs, all devices connected to the router will be able to access the internet.

What I've tried so far:

- check if RUT955 connects to the hotel wifi -> works fine, router receives an WAN IP from the hotel DNS

- check if RUT955 has the correct DNS settings -> works fine, same DNS settings in the router like on my laptop (MacBook Pro) when connected to the hotel wifi

- try the "MAC clone" feature using the MAC address of my notebook (where I had already accepted T&Cs) as the MAC address for the router, no success

- I can ping the gateway and the DNS server, but I don't get access to anything outside the hotel network

- I have also tried to manually chance the DNS settings on my laptop
by anonymous
Thank you for clarification, unfortunately our router do not have feature to use Hotspot AP as WiFI WAN.

I not sure if I fully understand your answer. How is my usecase different from this: Wireless Station

by anonymous


but fails if the hotel wifi uses a captive portal (splash screen during first connect) where I have do accept hotel T&Cs.

Because you can not login, accept details when captive portal is used in another WiFi device.

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OK, I finally found a way that works (at least for the portals I could test with):

1. Turn on your router, login to admin page

2. Go to WAN settings, select WLAN and run the scan

3. Select the hotspot from the list and save (you might have to reconnect to the router's wifi and login again)

4. Go to "Status->Network->WAN" and search for the IP address of the DNS server

5. Manually set the DNS on your laptop to that DNS (e.g. under "Network Preferences -> Advanced -> DNS on MacOS)

6. Open the browser and try to connect to any URL that does not use https (e.g.

7. The captive portal should load and you should be able to accept the T&Cs. Your router should be connected.

8. Remove the manual DNS setting from the Network settings on your device

9. Enjoy the internet!!!

@Anonymouse: I'm glad I didn't give up despite the poor advice you gave!
In my case on a camping it doesnt work.
by anonymous
I got the above description to work, if I enter the gateway address in the browser. The I get the adaptive portal and can enter userid and password.
by anonymous
I recently purchased a RUT955 and have found that disabling DNS rebind protection fixes the issue.  After doing that and connecting the router to a BT wifi public hotspot in client mode the browser redirects to the captive portal page.