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by anonymous

I'm trying to configure my RUTX11 router to send its Bluetooth data via the "Data to Server" feature. The router is connected to the company network via the WAN port. I have a my Win10 laptop connected in the router's LAN1 port. The laptop's IP address is On my laptop I have a very simple python HTTP server program running on port 17000 that, for now, simply shows all requests made to it.

However I don't receive any requests at all on my laptop's end. I have disabled Win10 firewall on my laptop. Do I need to change some networking settings on the RUTX11 to make the data transmissions work? Can "Data to Server" send its BT data only into servers connected into the LAN[1, 2, 3] ports? Is it possible to use "Data to Server" to send the BT data into another device on the network via the WAN port?

I have attached my current RUTX11 Advanced sender settings as an image.

I'd appreciate any advice/hints on this matter, thank you.

Best regards, Arttu R


Firmware version: RUTX_R_00.07.00

Kernel version: 4.14.221


Device name: RUTX11

Product code: RUTX1100XXXX
by anonymous

I'm having exactly the same problem and I'm using the latest X11 firmware (RUTX_R_00.07.04.3)

I'm using netcat for Windows 10 as my listener and I can confirm that I can sent data (netcat from the X11 CLI) to my "server".

The BLE scan also works from the CLI.

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by anonymous


Could you please clarify if there is a reason why this specific firmware version is used? Would it be possible for you to update to the latest firmware? You can find the firmware here.

It is possible to send data to the local PC.

A few things to check:

  • Are you able to ping your PC from the router?
  • The content type is application/json by default. Hence, could you check if your python code handles that?
  • Could you try using a TCP server, such as Hercules, on port 17000 to see if you get any data?
  • Are you sure that Bluetooth has data to send? You can try scanning for the devices from the CLI/SSH
    • ubus call blesem scan.start
    • ubus call blesem scan.results

You can also try enabling Modbus TCP slave on RUTX11, then configure modbus master to read from itself ( localhost), configure a few requests and check if your PC receives Modbus data sent by Data to Server.

Kind Regards,