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by anonymous

When i edit a parameter in the general wifi setup (example: change the channel) i got a error 'failed to edit configuration' when i try to save the settings.

It's a RUT955 with latest firmware RUT9 R I had the same issue with previous firmware.

Many thanks for help.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I did not replicate your issue.

I assume it might be related to the fact that previous firmware updates were performed with keeping the configuration settings from those versions.

The easiest solution, I would like you to try, is to perform your device's reset to factory default settings and see if that resolves it.

Alternatively, you can try making configuration changes by logging to your device via CLI/SSH with the following commands:

  • uci set'<channel_number>'
    • Replace <channel_number> with the number of the channel you want to set
  • uci commit 
  • /sbin/wifi reload

Best regards,

by anonymous

I had a similar issue with the rms settings.

I done an upgrade with keeping the configuration settings.

Did you know a way to "reset rms default setting only" ? 

By the way, 

  • after reseting with default setting : no change, 
  • reinstalling the firmware (with reseting configuration): fixed, but i had to reconfigure everything by hand ...

Thanks in advance,