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by anonymous
UPDATE: Read last comment :)


I've encountered an issue with my TCR100 following its recent update from version to The device is no longer booting up as expected; the globe and signal icons remain in a perpetual flashing state.

I've attempted a reset, but unfortunately, it seems to have no effect - holding down the reset button doesn't change the outcome. On a slightly positive note, the device does appear to enter bootloader mode, and I've used this to attempt a flash back to the previous 07.02 version. However, this hasn't resolved the issue, and the aforementioned behaviour persists.

Once the device does boot up, it produces a new WiFi network named "UNKNOWN_0000", which doesn't require a password. Yet, this network does not seem to support DHCP.

I've tried a wired approach as well; connecting via an Ethernet cable allows me to access the web GUI ( However, I'm unable to log in using either my old password or the default one listed on the bottom of the device.

As for the warranty, I'm fairly certain it's no longer valid, as I've previously opened the device (with plans to add external antennas for WiFi in the future, given the u.fl sockets on the board).

Any guidance or solutions to these issues would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
by anonymous
Some partial good news. I discovered I can succesfully login via SSH. Using admin/admin01 ( weird )

Anyone any ideas how to force factory reset the device via SSH ?

firstboot -y does not seem to help
by anonymous
Could anyone share the contents of /etc/config/hwinfo

That file is empty for me and there are multiple errors on the UI because of that.

by anonymous

Meanwhile discovered that this hwinfo file is actually generated by config_generate. 

However I am getting an error thus the file being empty.

WARNING: Variable 'hwinfo' does not exist or is not an array/object

sh: out of range

by anonymous

I've identified a potential issue with the /config/board.json file on my TCR100 (Serial No. 1120749472). If anyone could help with a sample board.json file for a TCR100, it'd be much appreciated.


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by anonymous


Could you please send me the serial number of the device and the output of the following command via private message?

  • hexdump -C /dev/mtd1

Kind Regards,


by anonymous
Sent! Thank you! :D