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by anonymous

since last year we have a RUTX11 in our camper. Some pages have connections issues, others are working fine.
For example I can watch Youtube without problems, opening Ebay does not work reliably. If I connect to a Wireguard-VPN to our home everything works fine.

A speedtest using often reports a very bad upload (<1 Mbit, sometime 0MBit, with VPN >20Mbit)
We are using a SIM-Card from Deutsche Telekom with an unlimited plan.

Does anybody have the same problems?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Yes, I had the same issue. You have to decrease the MTU value for the LTE connection to a lower value.  As I can remember, 1460 was working with my DTAG connection.

Have a look into this thread Fire TV Stick kein Internet mit Rutx11 - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks (

Login to router's WebUI: 

  • Navigate to Network -> Firewall -> General settings and disable Software flow offloading option; 
  • Navigate to Network -> Interfaces -> General. Edit MOB1S1A1 settings, switch to Advanced settings tab. In the Override MTU field try the following values:
    • 1420
    • 1460

See if that helps.

by anonymous
Thanks. I had the same idea with the MTU but couldn't find an option to set it. Turned out on mobile the three tabs in the interface settings are not well distinguishable, so I always ended up in the Firewall tab and not the advanced tab.

A first speed test gave an upload of about 8Mbit, but we already moved so I will investigate further.