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by anonymous

there is a bug or error when you want to enter a custom IPv4 netmask on an (new) interface in the Network Interfaces in the GUI.

When you add a new interface and are setting "static" as "Protocol" (in General settings) you can not enter an custom IPv4 netmask.

I wanted to add e.g. or and after "save & apply" it changes to .

Only the pre-defined or are possible in the GUI.

Please fix this error.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Note: Kindly upgrade to the latest Firmware, you can find it out here

Please keep in mind that I tested it myself and it works perfectly.

Kindly note the following points:

Go to IPv4 netmask > Click on Custom and enter your Subnet mask, for example,

If the DHCP server is enabled, the IP address range should be between 14 networks, as if we were using, which means /28 = 14 networks, for example. is the starting IP, while is the ending IP.

Then click Save & Apply and wait a few seconds for the changes to take effect. 

Please let me know if this issue has been resolved. 

Best Regards, 

Best answer
by anonymous
Indeed, it is working the way you described it. I had entered the mask directly into the field itself (or had choosen "Custom" before entering in this field) but i have not entered it into the dropdown field itself. Thank you!