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by anonymous

I have similar issues to the one posted here: after performing a FW upgrade last year, despite the WebUI not working the device would still perform the basic routing tasks so it was left in this state until now. I've attempted now to downgrade to RUT36X_R_00.02.06.1 which "works" in the sense that it allows the WebUI to load however the contents of the WebUI is missing items such as all WiFi settings (?). Upgrading to RUT36X_R_00.07.04.3 "works" but gives a WebUI which again will not load with error messages "Failed to load menu data" and "The device is unreachable. Please check the connection and try again". Device will not service LAN port with a DHCP request either, the only way to access it is via a WiFi network called "_0002".

I've tried factory resets via both the button and, no difference. I'm attached the contents from the output of and hexdump -C /dev/mtd1, is there a way to restore this device or is it broken beyond repair ?

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by anonymous

You're device is missing some key information about itself do to corrupted records in the memory. There is a way to restore them.

For that you will need to flash the firmware to 7.2.5 or older and then I will connect to you remotely to do the restoration procedure.

For that, DM me with the SN of the router from the back of the device, I will need that to collect the necessary information about the device to put it back in.

Also, we will need to agree on a timeslot for the remote. I would prefer to use anydesk for this
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by anonymous
My device was quickly restored today thanks to session with PauliusRug. Many thanks, now things are in order again.