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by anonymous

Hello, I have a RUTX12 with version 0000, I have previously worked with RUT955, TRB145 and I had no problems with this provider (ENTEL) in my country.

First Test: Place 2 SIM Cards from the same provider (TIGO), modify the APN manually and the connection on both SIM CARDs was immediate.

Second Test: Place 2 SIM Cards from 2 different providers, in SIM 1 place the TIGO provider and SIM 2 Entel provider. The results were that SIM 1 connects immediately, but SIM 2 takes a while to connect. The connection time of the is variable between 3 – 40 min, try in different periods of the day, restarting the RUTX12 from the interface and removing power to the RUTX12.

Checking the connection status of the SIM Cards, I saw that this error appears when SIM 2 tries to connect to the internet.

Third Test: I inverted the SIM Card, in SIM 1 I placed the ENTEL provider and in SIM 2 the TIGO provider. The results were the same, SIM 2 connects immediately and SIM 1, where the ENTEL SIM is, takes time to connect and the MODEM UNREACHABLE error message appears:

Work with Firmware versions: RUTX_R_00.07.04.2 and RUTX_R_00.07.04.3.

Also update the primary/secondary modem firmware versions:

• Primary modem FW: EG06ELAR04A08M4G

• FW secondary modem: EG06ELAR04A20M4G

I must clarify that this problem with the ENTEL SIM CARD does not occur in the RUTX12 and TRB145. I also attached the Troubleshoot file.

Is there any explanation regarding this error?

The version that I purchased does not correspond to the frequency bands of my Country (Bolivia)?

Any help is appreciated.

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by anonymous



Indeed, Bolivian operators use North American frequencies, thus you would need RUTX12 with the order code RUTX121***** (yours is RUTX120*****), which is designed to operate on the NA frequencies. The only reason why TIGO is connecting is just because of sheer luck, TIGO uses the same 3G bands as Europe, Africa, and Asia.


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