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by anonymous
Are there any special settings -- as throughout every day -- my speed varies greatly from .2mbps to occasionally 15mbps

the router is very unreliable for speed (Ps I am ok with 7-10mbps I do not expect 5g speeds.

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by anonymous



Such big variances in speed could be explained by a few factors:

  • Weather conditions;
  • Poor signal;
  • Cell tower load;
  • Changes on the carrier end (power-saving, etc.);

If the last two factors is influencing the speeds the most, then there is not much we can do, but what I suspect is happening, is when the router is connected to a higher throughput band (e.g. B3), it can achieve those higher speeds, but during bad weather, or generally decreased signal, the RUT950 drops down to a slower band, that provides greater coverage.

I would recommend checking what band you are connected to when the speeds are high by navigating to Status → Network → Mobile. When the speeds get low, check if you are still connected to the same band. If you are not, you can lock to a previously used band. Instructions on how to do so and some more additional information can be found in this Wiki article.


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