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I am using quite a lot of RUT955 for business purpose, lately I was troubleshooting one of them because it wasn't answering SMS requests.

There was nothing wrong on the device configuration (I checked SMS utilities setup and upgraded to a newer firmware) onlly thing I noticed logs were not saved since almost a year.

My theory is the router is not able to save logs and newly received SMS preventing it from answering.

If I had a USB stick or a SDcard would that help giving more space to the device?

Is there a way to delete old logs and free space?

Any other idea why the router would not answer SMS even if the system is able to send some (through SMS management) ?


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by anonymous


Please tell me which version of the firmware is currently installed on router?

Also, if possible, could you send the troubleshoot file to PM?

It can be downloaded at:

WebUI -> Administration -> Troubleshoot

With it, I will be able to examine in detail for what reason this is happening.

When you enter the WebUI, you see information about how much router RAM/FLASH memory is free. Tell me this information, please.

Waiting for your reply!

Regards, Aliaksandr!

Hello Aliaksandr, i have a similar problem with a RUT950. It can send messages but cannot receive anymore. Firmware is newest and everything else seems fine. Can you help me with this issue? Sure, the troubleshoot files are available.

by anonymous

Write me in private messages.

Describe the problem in more detail and, if possible, send the troubleshoot file.

Regards, Aliaksandr!