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by anonymous

Firmware: RUTX_R_00.07.02.1
Firmware build date: 2022-06-03 11:26:05

I am new to network technique but I hope I got it right till now.
I want to create a Lan-Guest-IoT segmentation. Let's only talk about Lan-Iot. Lan has and IoT has 
I realized that my router has to have (at least) two interfaces, one for LAN and one for IoT. I assigned the net ips and subnet masks. Both interfaces are running.
Now, I have two wireless adapters. One is called X the other X IoT. I could assign the network to each Wireless adapter, so I suppose that X is assigned to and X IoT is assigned to

My first question is following. Is it correct to create a VLAN with (at least) two untagged ports, put the to the first vlan port and the to the second vlan port? Is this a physical segmentation? Would it be possible to have the both nets and on the same physical net? (I have heard that his is called overlay network).

My second question is regarding a "bridge". A bridge is a layer link device connecting two devices on OSI level 2 together. Before I started to create my segmentation, I can rememeber that there was an interface called br-lan available. As far as I understood, it combined the lan and the wlan to one "ethernet-wlan" lan. Is this correct? How can I now create a

  • "ethernet-wlan" lan
  • "iot ethernet- iot wlan" lan

In my physical settings of my two interfaces. I have currently dfined

  • eth0
  • eth0.2

If I change it to 

  • eth0.1
  • eth0.2

I cannot connet to the router anymore and have to reset t factory settings. Shouldn't there be something like

  • br-lan.1
  • br-lan.2

Thanks a lot for help.



1 Answer

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by anonymous


If I am right, you are trying to make two separate networks:

One to use as default LAN:

another as a Guest LAN:

Can you send me the topology diagram with details, what is your end goal?

Yes, you can have both VLANs on the same physical port with a tagged-based VLAN. On the Port-based page, you can have 2 VLANs assigned by selecting the tagged option in the drop-down menu for LAN port 1.

For the second question, I would like to know if you want to create two WLAN interfaces with separate networks? 

Please share the detailed topology.



by anonymous


thanks for answer. Here is my topology. Its not a guest lan  (this will come next) its more an IoT zone for my IoT devices.

My problem is that my Hue Bridge on the second port that is on VLAN V2 does not find the DHCP server. Most probably my VLAN settings are wrong. I'll show only the settings for

VLAN is...

Interface is...

Interface physical settings is...

It could be that I have to write br-lan.2 here, but I am not sure. I even don't understand br-lan interface. Is this a bridge between the wired LAN port and the WiFi interface? If yes, is there a br-lan.1 and a br-lan.2 if I have two vlans?

I suppose that the Philips Hue Bridge gets the IP from the DHCP server defined on and that this DHCP server is reachable for the Philips Hue Bridge even if no ports 67,68 are opened. However, I opened them for and the device (router) because I have seen this on a YoutTube tutorial. So, ports are opened.

I can ping but not the Philips Hue Bridge (no IP address) assigned.

Thanks for help.



by anonymous


It would be better if you just simply reset the device and reconfigure everything.
Based on your topology, you need to simply configure 2 interfaces (the Default LAN interface network is already there, just create one more for VLAN 2) on the Network->Interfaces page. Create two untagged VLANs for LAN port 1 and port 2. Assign the VLAN interfaces to the interfaces created on the Network->Interfaces page. Hue bridge should be able to get the IP. 

If the issue still persists, try to connect to other devices such as PC on LAN port 2 and see if it gets an IP or not.
You can share troubleshoot file in PM.