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by anonymous


RUTX11, latest firmware

Connected with Poynting directional 4G/5G antenna(s) to a nearby antenna mast; indicating signal strength -51 dBm and all 4 bars.

Sim 1 T-mobile Default, switches to Sim 2 when reaching data limit of approx. 10 GB.

Sim 2 Vodafone

Every morning, the software checks if Sim 2 is active, and if so, performs Ubus call sim change.

Since two weeks, we experience increasing Mobile data disconnected (internal modem) issues which cause a lot of delay.

Rebooting sometimes helps for 1 or a few days; sometimes not, like today the router only functions on Vodafone after reboot.

Included are a word file with some screen prints of the Log page and two troubleshoot files.

Please advice

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by anonymous


Your modem disconnects quite frequently. 

It may indicate a hardware failure. However, the modem firmware version in your device is rather old and I would suggest to try and perform an update.

You will find instructions for the procedure in this thread.

If alternative WAN source is not available, use the instructions provided in this link.

The device in referenced threads is RUTX09, however, your router has the same modem module, thus the same instructions apply in your case.

Best regards,