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Provider Telstra Australia, APN telstra internet IP4 address is 10.92. Etc. wanting to utilise IPv6. So unticked use ipv4 only. In administration ticked ipv6 support. In wan information at first states gathering ipv6 information but none is provided. Test on test your ipv6 site comes back with ip4 only. If same test is done with iPad on 4g telstra.internet I get a ipv6. Any ideas as to why this is occurring ?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Please provide a product code of that device with which you encounter this issue.
by anonymous
Correct me if i'm wrong. But to be able to have NAT64, the gateway egress interface need to be dual stack to be able to convert IPv6 to IPv4. I think that NAT64 is an important feature to have.

If it were up to me, the goal should be to have a working dual stack on wan interface. That is important.
by anonymous

Please take care about this feedback :

a working dual stack IPv4/IPv6 on WAN interface is definitely needed.


by anonymous

I would need NAT64. Not dual stack. My local equipment is IPv4 while my internet provider (4G) is IPv6.

"- Dual Stack basically means using ipv4 and ipv6 side by side. You use ipv6 to access ipv6 hosts, ipv4 for ipv4 hosts and you normally give priority to ipv6 if the hosts have both ipv4 and ipv6 addresses. If you use dual stack, you do not need NAT64.

- NAT64 is used to translate from v4 to v6 and vice versa. This is used to access ipv4 only hosts from ipv6 only hosts and vice versa."

I'm running a RUTX09 with Firmware version RUTX_R_00.02.04.3, at least, is it possible to obtain a IPv4 AND a IPv6 address at the same time (which my DSL ISP does offer) ?

if I setup the wired WAN interface to protocol DHCP, I only got IPv4 OK

if I setup the wired WAN interface to protocol DHCPv6, I only got IPv6 OK

Is it possible to have both ? (Using builtin IPv6-management option = on while protocol = DHCP but I get no IPv6 address)
by anonymous
New firmware version installed (FW ver.: RUT9XX_R_00.06.07) but still no IPv6 on public interface. When will we get IPv6?
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by anonymous
Thanks Vytautas, however, unfortunately, in my case it is not recommended to test a firmware that is not already tested. When can we have an official firmware with IPv6 and NAT64 for mobile service?
by anonymous
Even though WAN does not have dual stack in the test firmware. LAN is dual stack. So you can have both IPv6 and IPv4 on LAN at the same time. So, if you set the WAN to IPv6 and get the public address. There is a chance that a 1:1 port mapping can work over different address family. If a port on the public IPv6 interface is portmapped to a internal IPv4. I have not tested this or know if this is possible. But I think it should work.

I don't know much about RMS. But I would not go that way if you have much traffic.

Oh, what I just suggested is NAT64 stateless mapping. Didn't know that.
by anonymous
It would be fantastic if I can have IPv6 on WAN and IPv4 on LAN and be able to reach IPv4 devices on LAN and also having these to be able to communicate out to internet (obvious I think since communication must be both ways...). I'm just a power engineer so no expertise in the world of IPv4 and IPv6. My mobile internet provider is not giving out a public IPv4 address so it doesn't work with DDNS.
by anonymous
Have you talked to Tele2? Sometimes they have a different APN that you can use to be able to get a public IP.
by anonymous
Yes, but Tele2 wouldn't get me a public IPv4 address with my present subscription. Then I would have to pay more...
by anonymous
In fact, Tele2 will give me a public IPv4 address but only when I use their router. So with RUT955 I will not. If there would be a way to change the identity of the RUT955 to the one of my old Tele2 router (not in use) it would make it work. But maybe that would be immoral.